Reiki Community of Practice

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You cannot be human on your own. You are only human through relationships.
— Archbishop Desmond Tutu

On-going support to build and deepen a practice and build community is part of HeartScapes' commitment to our Reiki students. Our Practitioner Community of Practice has grown into a deeply supportive, creative and dynamic space, meeting monthly in Davis and the Bay Area, and on-line through a private Facebook group. 

Have you recently received Reiki training and are seeking spaces to practice and continue learning in community? Or perhaps you have been practicing Reiki for some time, and are ready to take your practice to deeper levels, and to be in a learning community with other practitioners. You may know intuitively that the art and form of Reiki has deeper layers you have not yet accessed, and you may feel those depths calling you. You may be seeking opportunities to be of service, to share your healing practice with those in need and create pathways of access to those who may not otherwise receive the magic of Reiki. For all of these reasons and more, we invite you to connect with us.

Our Teaching Roots & Offerings:
This community is rooted in the exploration, experience and practice of the traditional Japanese origins of this energy art form, as taught through the International House of Reiki, where we received our training. We believe, and have found it to be true, that by rooting deeply in the specific origins of Reiki, we build a stronger intuitive sense of what is possible inside of this practice, and experience deeper freedom and organic intuition in the ways we practice. In this way, our practice becomes an alchemy between the soil from which the practice grew and our own individual response and special magic. The moderators of this group (Michaela Daystar and Joe Gee) are not, ourselves, Japanese (Michaela from Celtic/Scottish/Welsh origins, and Joe a 3rd generation Chinese-American). And so we approach this practice with the utmost respect and gratitude for the indigenous Japanese cultural practices that we teach. With the diligence of the life-long learner, we are always living into the inquiry of our own practice.

Jewel, Jennifer and LaTasha discuss their experience of receiving a Reiju (spiritual blessing)

Jewel, Jennifer and LaTasha discuss their experience of receiving a Reiju (spiritual blessing)

Each month, Michaela, Joe and senior HeartScapes students share an experiential deep-dive into one of the five practice forms of the system of Reiki: Precepts (Gokai), meditations and breathing practices (Kokyu Ho), symbols and mantras (Jumon & Shirushi), hands-on treatments (Tenohira), and Reiju or spiritual blessing (often referred to as “attunement” in western Reiki). These foundational practices are enhanced by other practices from the Japanese roots of Reiki, including martial arts, Shinto and Tendai Buddhism.

The prerequisites of membership in this Reiki practitioners group are simple. If you have received your Reiki Foundations, First or Second Degree certification through HeartScapes, you will be automatically invited to join this group. If you have received Reiki certification from another teacher, we just ask that you schedule a conversation with us prior to joining so that we can share our perspectives on practicing Reiki, and our community agreements. 

Thank you for being here with us, for enriching this community with your commitment, your passion and your practice. Blessed be.

Meeting Times, Location & Schedule:

Jennifer meditates while Lauren practices Tenohira (hands-on treatment) with Tania

Jennifer meditates while Lauren practices Tenohira (hands-on treatment) with Tania

We meet every last Saturday of the month from 12:00 - 3:00. Most months we meet at HeartScapes Homestead, 1738 Pomona Dr. in Davis. Once per quarter (roughly) we travel to the Bay Area, hosted by some of our students who live there, and we take occasional field trips to practice out in nature.

We begin at noon with a shared potluck meal, then move into meditation, teaching topics and then hands-on practice.

We request an optional donation of $10-$20 at Practitioner Circles to support the HeartScapes scholarship offerings.

Reach out and connect with us to learn more!