Free Wellness Offering for Non-Profits, Education and Public Sector Organizations

My purpose in life is to support others in knowing and expressing their true selves so that they can make positive impacts in the world.   Social justice and direct social service work can test our resilience and wholeness, and we must be whole and resilient in order to remain committed to work that changes the world.  Those of us who work in these realms need support to maintain our own wellness.

I am committed to making this support accessible.  Therefore, I offer one wellness session per month to non-profit, public sector or educational institutions within 45 miles of Davis, CA, that is provided *free of charge.  

Reiki Wellness Offerings for Employees or Clients:  

I will come to your site to provide six to eight 20-minute Reiki sessions to your employees or clients / patients (exact number of sessions depends on travel distance).  You need only provide a quiet, private room and time to your employees to participate.

To request a Reiki Wellness Offering, Fill out the form below .  I will reply with available dates.  Please include:

  • Name of your organization
  • Location and contact info (must be located within 45 miles of Davis, CA)
  • Number of employees you ideally wish to serve (if more than eight, I will attempt to recruit another Reiki practitioner from my community to join me)
Name *
Phone *