SoulCollage Card:   Immunity to Change .  "I am one who keeps you chained in order to protect you from  the dangers of flight."

SoulCollage Card:  Immunity to Change.  "I am one who keeps you chained in order to protect you from  the dangers of flight."

What is Immunity to Change™?

Most of us have had the experience of setting a goal for ourselves, something we very much want to change in our lives, and finding that for reasons that are confounding to us, we are unable to sustain the change necessary to reach the goal.  Many people endeavor, for example, to lose weight as their New Year’s resolution, but struggle to maintain the changes necessary to do it.  The self-abusing guilt and shame that come from this experience arise from the belief that we have failed to make positive change, and that there must therefore be something wrong with us.

But there is nothing wrong with us.  Something is working  inside of us that resists the changes we seek.

"The mind, like the body, has its own immune system.  Dr. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey have spent the last 10 years developing and researching an award-winning coaching method based on their breakthrough discovery of a hidden dynamic called the "immunity to change."  The Immunity to Change (ITC) methodology is designed to help individuals, teams and organizations attain deeply sought changes by bringing this internal unconscious resistance to change to light."  [Excerpted from Kegan and Lahey's website, Minds at Work].


In the words of professors Lahey and Kegan:

The Immunity to Change™ approach helps people accomplish long-sought-after behavioral goals by making visible to them unrecognized “parallel goals” (“counter commitments”) which are producing precisely the behaviors that undermine their aspirations.

How Can Immunity to Change™ (ITC) Coaching Serve Me?

ITC Coaching can take many forms:  Professional development workshops for teams to work on individual and collective goals; Group experiences for individuals who wish to work through this process in community with others; Individual coaching around a specific change goal you have set for yourself.  Any of these approaches can be done as a stand-alone session, or as part of a 3 or 6-month coaching arc.  

I trained in the ITC coaching method as part of my graduate studies in Leadership at Saint Mary's College, and have worked with teams and individuals to overcome their immunity to change.

Past Clients Include:  California State Department of Social Services, CALFRESH Program; Mills College; Davis Community Church; NEXTChurch Conference

Prof. Robert Kegan sets up the environment for an inquiry on how come there is a gap between a person's real intention to change and what the person actually does. He recalls an illustration in which heart doctors advise their patients to take their medications as prescribed or literally die.
Professor Robert Kegan describes the process of mind development from a young adolescent to a grown adult.