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Reiki Training Overview

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful balm for the mind, body and spirit.  Stepping into the practice of Reiki for one's self and others puts this healing balm in your hands at any time, and for your whole lifetime.  A consistent Reiki practice provides you with a direct experience to begin revealing the mystery of your true, whole self--your great bright light.   As an energy art that grew from the intersection of Japanese Buddhism, Japanese martial arts systems, and indigenous Shintoism, the practice of Reiki helps to align our body, mind, heart and spirit and to sweep away that which stands in the way of knowing and expressing our true, whole selves.  This pathway to healing is our birthright:  Creating the free flow of energy throughout our whole being.

Our approach to teaching Reiki is deeply experiential, intuitive, embodiment-based, and rooted in the traditional Japanese framework of this practice.   The history of Reiki is steeped in mystery, as it's true meaning and purpose were cloaked at its creation, and then cloaked again during its fascinating and unlikely pathway to the West.  We honor and explore this twice-cloaked history, believing that the deep potential of this healing art can only be realized when its true purpose is known and honored.  Our teaching draws heavily on the deep roots of Reiki in Japanese healing arts, and provide a solid grounding and certification for practicing the system of Reiki for self and others. 

Self-responsibility is at the core of the system of Reiki and is an empowering force that will teach you what true magic is.
— The Japanese Art of Reiki, by Bronwen & Frans Stiene
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Shoden Reiki I (first degree) training provides you with all that you need to develop a rich and fulfilling Reiki practice for treating yourself and others. With emphasis on self-practice and working with Earth Ki (energy), this training will be deeply experiential, intuitive and embodiment-based.

In this training you'll receive:

  • Certification as a Reiki I Practitioner

  • Hands-on, embodiment experiences of sensing and engaging energy

  • Experience of Reiki self-treatments and the foundational meditation/ energy practices taught by Usui Mikao

  • The attunements, protocols and hands-on practice for offering full Reiki treatments to others.

  • Grounding in the principles and practices of Reiki, and full training manual

  • Exploration of the twice-cloaked history of Reiki; it's fascinating, unlikely path to the West, and relevance to a vibrant modern Reiki practice.

  • Open invitation to join Practitioner Gatherings to deepen our learning and practice in community.

  • One gift Reiki session by Michaela at HeartScapes Headquarters in Davis

Okuden Reiki II (second degree) training draws your practice into the inner teachings of Reiki by incorporating Heaven and Heart Ki (energy), introduces the first three Reiki symbols and mantras as meditative tools to deepen practice, and explores the paradox of distance Reiki healing.  Prerequisite:  Reiki I certification and a consistent practice of self-Reiki.

In this training you'll receive:

  • Certification as a Reiki II Practitioner

  • Deeper engagement with Reiki meditation and energy practices, and introduction to second degree practices

  • Training in techniques for distance Reiki sessions

  • Introduction of the first three symbols of the system of Reiki, and exploration of the symbols and mantras as healing practices

  • Open invitation to join Practitioner Gatherings to deepen our learning and practice in community.

  • One gift Reiki session by Michaela at HeartScapes Headquarters in Davis

Shinpiden Reiki III (third degree) is a deep dive into the pool of mystery that lies at the heart of Reiki, a pool that is deeply connected to tributaries of Japanese esoteric spiritual energy traditions.  Emphasis is on living Reiki as an intrinsic part of one's being.

After training, students receive these on-going opportunities:

  • Monthly Practitioner Group: Gatherings that support your personal practice, and service opportunities to bring Reiki to the larger community.

  • Re-immersion: Students are invited to deepen their learning by re-taking a training when space in the class permits. Re-immersions are offered on a donation basis, and donations are added to our scholarship fund.

  • Treatments: When class size permits, students may attend the treatment portion of a class and give/receive sessions at no charge.

*Making this work accessible is a high priority for me.  All classes are offered at a sliding scale; see event pages for details.  We also offer limited residential scholarships for those who are traveling from out of town for the training. Up to two students can stay at HeartScapes Homestead for free, if the cost of securing lodging would represent a barrier to participating.

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Your guides on this adventure are Michaela Daystar and Joe Gee. Michaela is committed to supporting you to lean into your full self and connect more deeply with your identity and purpose through Reiki, SoulCollage(R) and individual coaching. Joe serves as a wisdom integrator, committed to helping you remember the wholeness of your True Self. Trained as Reiki Teachers through the International House of Reiki, Michaela and Joe are dedicated to teaching Reiki from the perspective of the Japanese origins. Sharing this teaching is a privilege and a delight.