Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™

Reiki energy is pure love, holding us inside a container within which we can release that which blocks the Great Bright Light of our True Self. Imagine growing and raising a child inside of such a container…
— Michaela Daystar

Childbirth is an experience that brings many layers of new life into this world. As the baby is born, so too are you born into your sacred power and responsibility as Birther and Parents. This new life ripples outward, as the community that gathers around you is born into their role as loving supporters.

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Saying YES to life in this way is a sacred act. Many of us long to feel empowered and joyous about birth, and desire to flow with the rhythms of the body and the baby during pregnancy and birth. Reiki is a powerful vehicle for generating these experiences.  The meditations, breathing practices, energy engagement and guiding principles learned within the system of Reiki are highly effective in generating feelings of flow, ease and empowerment within the experiences of pregnancy and birth, and allow a gentle avenue for welcoming in the sacred.

In whatever way you imagine, plan and ultimately experience your birth journey, Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ will deeply support you.  This program is for those who are pregnant or are planning to be pregnant, and your birthing partner(s), if they wish to participate, who seek pathways of empowerment, connection and embodiment inside of your pregnancy, birthing and parenting journey.


Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ offers two pathways to an empowered birth, each providing important and unique tools and experiences on their own.  When combined, these pathways open possibilities for deep transformation through the birthing process.  Let’s learn about each: 



This pathway provides Reiki First Degree (Shoden) training, putting the power and practices of Reiki in your and your birth partner’s hands to deeply support you during pregnancy, birth and throughout your parenting journey.  This 2-day class is for both birthing parent and, if desired birth support people.  You will learn the full system of Reiki at First Degree level, with the emphasis on the use of Reiki during pregnancy, birth and to support your growing child, and will leave with Reiki First Degree certification.  It will give you the tools, experiences and knowledge to:

  • Form deep energetic connection between parents and baby, for profound early bonding between unborn baby and family;

  • Bring deep relaxation into the core of your being, and ease pain and discomfort during pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery; 

  • Reduce the need for medication to manage common symptoms of pregnancy (such as swollen feet, digestive problems, back and nerve pain, numbness of limbs, etc.);

  • Support you in navigating the ever-changing nature of the pregnant body; and to feel integrated through the changes;

  • Prepare the body and spirit for the birthing process for both baby and family;

 You can take this training as part of a pre-scheduled class and join a cohort of others in this journey (see here for upcoming dates), or schedule a private training for you and your birth partner(s).  Reach out with questions or to schedule a training.



The Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ program is a complement to your prenatal care.


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