Services for Individuals

Embodied Transformation Coaching

We are all on a journey of transformation, whether we are conscious of this or not.  I work with you to create a container within which your unique journey of transformation becomes conscious, empowered and aligned with your purpose.  I ask good questions from a place of compassionate curiosity about who you are, what your needs are, and how the greatest expression of yourself can be revealed.  I specialize in the ways in which our bodies hold our wisdom, and on techniques for accessing our wisdom through intuition, creativity and the felt sense in our bodies.  



SoulCollage® is an intuitive, creative process used by individuals or groups to dive below the surface of our conscious thoughts and touch the deeper places where our beliefs about ourselves, our team/communities and the world lie.  


Immunity to Change™

Immunity to Change™ coaching uncovers our sub-conscious barriers to making positive changes in our lives and provides a framework for removing those barriers.  Offered as individual coaching, group workshops, or as workplace professional development.  


Reiki is a form of energy work that supports integration of body, mind and spirit; and the release of things (pain, emotions, blocks) that no longer serve us.  Results include reduction in pain, increased immune response and relaxation.  Particularly supportive of women during pregnancy, and people experiencing illness or injury.  I am trained to Master level in Usui and Karuna Reiki, and to work with animals.