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The story begins with our creation, formed from the energetic blending of heavenly energy and earth energy. Watch as light filters down to join with rising darkness, and from this muddy core a human shape emerges. Sitting there, at the centre of this swirling universe (brewed from dualistic elements), is humanity. This is how we were birthed, into a state of wholeness, pure perfection.
— Bronwyn Stiene

Practicing the system of Reiki, in its original Japanese form, gently removes the barriers that block the inherent light of our True Self. As we engage the simple yet transformative elements of this practice, we move ever closer to the place of wholeness, non-duality and oneness that is or original state.

In this weekly lunchtime meditation circle you'll be introduced to some of the breath and meditation practices that form the foundation of the system of Reiki. We'll create space, ease and groundedness in our day by taking these moments to be together in practice. This circle is open to all, and it is not necessary to be trained in Reiki to learn and utilize these practices in your daily life.

The structure of this circle is simple, with easeful guidance in the meditations and basic conceptual framework of the system of Reiki, plenty of direct practice/experience, and time to ask questions and share experiences. You are welcome to bring a simple lunch to eat during our opening and closing check-ins.


This circle meets every Wednesday from 12:00-12:45 at HeartScapes Studio, 1738 Pomona Dr., east Davis.

**NOTE: I'm test-driving this time slot during June and July to see if it works for folks.