Each Maternity Reiki experience is customized to reflect your vision and needs.  Sessions can include:

  • Head-to-Toe Reiki treatment to support overall relaxation and balance (see main Reiki page for details)

  • Focused Reiki on areas of physical pain or discomfort

  • Focused Reiki on the baby and your growing connection

  • Guided meditation for baby bonding

  • Inclusion of partners or other family in a Connect & Sync session (see right, 90-minute session minimum)

  • Meridian tapping and energy holds to shift emotions

  • Drumming and other sound healing techniques

  • Recommendations for practices you can do on your own to deepen the benefit of the session(s)

It is an honor to walk with you through part of all of your pregnancy journey.  Whether you come for one session, on-going sessions, and/or bring Reiki right into the birthing room with you, you and your baby will be nourished by incorporating Reiki into the experience.  

Maternity Reiki

Through my two pregnancies, I became well acquainted with the unique opportunities and challenges that carrying, birthing and caring for a baby brings to all realms of life:  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational.  Reiki is particularly well suited to support  families in all of these realms, for example:

  • Supporting early bonding between unborn baby and family;

  • Easing pain and discomfort during pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery;

  • Reducing the need for medication to manage common symptoms of pregnancy (such as swollen feet, digestive problems, back and nerve pain, numbness of limbs, etc.);

  • Supporting you in navigating the ever-changing nature of the pregnant body; feeling integrated through the changes;

  • Preparation of body and spirit for the birthing process for both baby and mama;

  • Release of fear and other emotional barriers to the process of carrying and birthing a baby;

  • Delivery-room support during the birth itself (this can be done in person or across distance).

Connect & Sync Sessions with Your Birth Partner:

These 90-minute sessions are designed for you and your birth partner(s) to support you in connecting and syncing up together as a birthing team. Reiki helps us to remember the wholeness of our true self and the interconnectedness of all life, and can therefore deeply support you, your birth partner(s) and your baby in building a powerful energetic connectedness for the birthing journey.

These sessions include a guided breathing practice and meditation that you can take into the delivery room with you, and then a tandem table Reiki session wherein both partners receive Reiki together.

Maternity Reiki Packages:

Designed to deeply support you and your family throughout your pregnancy and in the weeks following, this package includes:

  • Two sessions per month during and after your pregnancy, customized to your needs, for a total of 10 sessions (half package) or 20 sessions (full package);

  • One 90-min Connect & Sync session with birth partner(s)

  • Reiki support during delivery, either in person or from a distance (up to 6 hours if in person);

  • (Optional) Personalized SoulCollage® session for either just you or a group of up to six.

Half Package Investment:  $655 (paid all at once, or $220/month for 3 months)

Full Package Investment:  $955 (paid all at once, or $320/month for 3 months)

Session Costs:

1-Hour Session:  $65

90-minute Connect & Sync Session with you and your birth partner:  $85

3-Session Package (pre-paid & used within 3 months):  $170

*Making this work accessible is a high priority for me.  Sessions and classes offered on sliding scale.  See event pages, or contact me for details.