Photo by Halley Inez Miglietta

Photo by Halley Inez Miglietta

My name is Michaela Daystar.  I am a personal coach, SoulCollage® facilitator, Reiki teacher, and artist.  I support you to know and lean into your full self, so that you can live a fully integrated life and make positive change in the world.   

In my 13-year journey through the lands of higher education, social justice leadership, arts therapy, energy work, and the liminal spaces of the Fairy realm, I have spun a fertile web of possibility, intersection, and purpose. 

The Japanese energy art of Reiki, the intuitive arts practice of SoulCollage®, and the revolutionary education model of Shakti Rising, form critical threads in this web.  It is with heartful joy that I practice and teach Reiki and SoulCollage® as pathways to uncover our True Self, and that I serve Shakti Rising’s community education program, Shakti Feminine University, as Weaver of Magical Education.  I am inspired by the myriad ways in which we, as humans of the Earth, are able to transform toxicity into flourishing life, in the world and within our own hearts. 

Drawn to methods that uncover our innate wisdom and creative nature, I design experiences that help individuals and groups connect more deeply with aspects of their identity and purpose, and that transform the barriers to living into that purpose.  I have particular interest in supporting those who are most directly impacted by the racism, patriarchy, heteronormativity and other forms of oppression at play in our lives.  I hold an MA in Social Justice Leadership from Saint Mary’s College of California, and study Reiki as a Shinpiden graduate with the International House of Reiki.

Exploring Our HeartScapes...

Our HeartScape is our inner terrain, the aspects of Self that make us who we are, and yet are often invisible to us.  Our beliefs about the world, the values we hold dear, our deepest fears, innate abilities, and dis-owned parts of ourselves are some of the important elements of our HeartScape.  Our  emotions are the paths through which we  experience our beliefs, values, fears and dis-owned parts, paths that lead in and out of our heart.  Aligning our goals, visions, and sense of self with our hearts' intuitive capacity is vital to living into our full selves.   

We believe that when we align and connect our hearts and minds and connect with others, we awaken the higher mental, emotional and spiritual capacities that frequently lie dormant.
— HeartMath Institute,

The HeartScape, therefore, is a powerful resource in our work together.  We'll explore practices that strengthen the heart's resilience; increase your relationship to the heart; deepen intuition; and increase integration of heart, mind, and body.

How Might We Explore?

Many methods are available to us.  For example, one of the ways we might help you build a deeper connection to your HeartScape is by creating an image of it through the SoulCollage® process.  The image to the left is my SoulCollage® card representing my HeartScape, created through a meditation process during my own experience of being coached through SoulCollage®. 

The meaning of this card is "Strength Within Vulnerability."  This was a powerful discovery for me, deepening my capacity for courage and self-love.

What does your HeartScape look like?