"When the landscape changes and our navigational skills have not yet adapted, we have to reach out and find people who can help us in the fumbling." 

~Heather Plett, Writer, Coach, Public Speaker

Throughout our lives, there are many landscapes we must navigate.  We navigate our families, our communities, unexpected events, the political and social climates around us, discrimination and systems of oppression, difficult decisions, traumas inflicted on us by individuals or institutions.  And always, throughout it all, we navigate the ever-changing terrain of our heartscape.  

As Hearther Plett suggests, any of these landscapes can shift suddenly, and we can find ourselves without the tools or maps necessary to navigate a now-unfamiliar experience. 

My purpose is to support you in being prepared to navigate the changes life brings, and to be resilient to them when they happen unexpectedly.  Together, we will seek to define your North Star--the vision that is pulling you forward and keeping  you oriented as you seek the next right path to take.  We will also pack tools for the journey--practices and wisdom you can turn to for guidance and resilience.  Whether through coaching, Reiki sessions, or creative experiences designed around your needs, our time together will be experiential, embodiment based and informed by wisdom traditions and modern research into the profound connections between mind, body, heart and spirit.