"The mind, body and spirit are hard-wired together.  To behave as if they are not is to not operate at your full potential."

~Norma Wong, former Hawaii State Legislator & Zen Priest

The heart of my practice is to unlearn the myth of disconnection that is so prominent and toxic in our culture.  Industrialization taught us that the best, most efficient way to view the world is as a collection of isolated pieces.  The American myth of the Rugged Individual taught us that the best way to succeed in life is to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and strike out on our own to claim our piece.  These two ideas combine powerfully to form a view of ourselves as isolated individuals--isolated not only from others, 

but within ourselves as well.  We learn to compartmentalize our lives, turning off parts of ourselves--such as our spirit or creativity--until we have down time.  From this dis-integrated stance, our growth, potential and our access to joy is stunted.  In essence, when we accept and agree to this myth of disconnection, we are not living as full human beings.

My work seeks to embrace a new agreement, that of integration.  When we do SoulCollage® together, we open ourselves to hearing aspects of ourselves we have pushed aside, or have not yet connected with, and learn how to integrate them into our daily consciousness.  When we engage the Immunity to Change™ process, we challenge the subconscious barriers to change we have formed that prevent us from living as our full self.  My individual coaching sessions are founded on the principles of Integral Coaching, which engages everything about you and your world rather than addressing the questions you're living into in isolation.  

Everything we do together grows from the vision of you as a whole, integrated person, and a belief in your ability to live into your full self.