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Reiki First Degree Training for Shakti Rising Community

  • Shakti Rising Sacramento 2200 L Street Sacramento, CA, 95816 United States (map)

CLASS FULL  --  Register here for the next training on March 17-18

Transformation as a way of life is one of the core principles and practices of Shakti Rising.  Gaining mastery over our own internal energy systems, and the ability to sense and respond to the energy systems around us, is an essential skill along the road of transformation.  My five years as a Reiki practitioner have deeply supported and enhanced my own journey towards energy mastery.  It is key to my transformation as a way of life and my ability to hold space for the transformation of others.  (See below for more info on Reiki and my practice)  

As I now step onto the path of teaching Reiki to others as a tool of transformation, I am thrilled to offer my first ever Reiki First Degree Training to the *Shakti community!  Join me for this two-day experience to add Reiki to your own transformation toolkit, as you gain the knowledge, skills and attunements to practice Reiki on yourself and others. 

In this training you'll receive:

  • Hands-on, embodiment-based experiences of sensing and engaging energy
  • Discussion on history, principles and practice of Reiki, and full training manual 
  • Direct practice of Reiki self-treatments
  • The attunements and protocols for offering full seated and table Reiki treatments to others.

*The Shakti Community is defined as anyone connected (even distantly) to the organization Shakti Rising, such as Shakti teachers and volunteers, anyone who has participated in a Shakti class or event, or who is interested in joining a future class.  This particular Reiki training is for women-identified people.  Future Reiki trainings will be open to all genders.

This class is limited to 8 participants to ensure time and space for hands-on practice. You must register using the form below.

Your Investment:

This class is my inaugural step into teaching Reiki (after five years of dedicated practice), and so your presence in this class honors me with the gift of teaching practice.  Therefore, I will honor you by reducing the class fee by half.  Your investment will be $120 ($105 if paid in full by January 20th, 2018).  

In addition, for anyone who attends this January 27-28th Reiki First Degree class, I will extend this same discounted price to a future Reiki Second Degree class.  

More About Reiki:

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japan.  It is a subtle and effective form of energy work that is incredibly sweet and gentle as it loosens and releases undesired energy, emotional blocks and pains trapped in the body.  

It is complimentary to other forms of medical or healing work, and can support physical, mental and spiritual health.  Reiki encourages a person's body and spirit to release anything that no longer serves, and that's ready to release.  Just as pouring cool water through a dusty pipe washes away loose dust and debris, Reiki washes through a person's system and loosens up pain, negative emotions and energy blocks, re-energizing the system. 

The benefits of Reiki include:  

  • Reduction in stress and pain
  • Reduced reliance on pain medication
  • Greater clarity and calm
  • Deeper integration between mind, body and spirit
  • Particularly supportive during pregnancy, times of injury or illness, or times of transition.

As a Master-Practitioner of the Usui and Karuna systems of Reiki, I have received the attunements and training from teachers in a direct lineage from Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of the Reiki system of healing in the late 19th century.  Sharing this teaching is a privilege and a delight.