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SoulCollage® : Able Vessels

  • Davis Communty Church, Fireside Room 412 C Street Davis, CA, 95616 United States (map)

Participants Will:

  • Learn the SoulCollage® process and its uses, or deepen your existing practice

  • Create SoulCollage® cards for aspects of ourselves, our community and the world that make us resilient in this time of uncertainty and change.

  • Learn how to "read" these. cards to uncover the wisdom the hold.

  • Take this journey within  a supportive community

We Were Made For These Times*,             Part 2

"Regarding awakened souls, there have never been more able vessels in the waters than there are right now across the world....Look out over the prow; there are millions of boats of righteous souls on the waters with you."

~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Who are the awakened souls in your life?  Who are the "able vessels" who inspire you, challenge you, push you, and support you to live your true self, and respond to the world with courage and authenticity?

Here, in the waters of change, turmoil, and possibility, we are not alone.  Each of us is pushed to be our best selves by the influence of historical figures, contemporary role models, friends and family, or the influence of our ancestors. 

In this SoulCollage® experience, we look outside of ourselves to understand why, as Clarissa Pinkola Estes says, "We are made for these times."

Please bring a journal and photographs/images of one or more people who influence you, (they can be people you know, historic figures, other role models, or images that recall your ancestors).

*The "We Were Meant For These Times" SoulCollage® series is designed to strengthen resilience and inspire action in resistance to the pressures of the current political landscape.  

We in particular wish to support those of you whose work or lives put you on  the frontlines of this struggle, or put you in  harm's way.   

LOCATION & LOGISTICS:  The Fireside Room of Davis Community Church is accessed from C St., entry on the right side of the exterior hallway.  See campus map and directions here. 

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