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FREE* SoulCollage(R) Experience

  • HeartScapes 1738 Pomona Dr. Davis United States (map)

Hello Friends! This month's SoulCollage(R) Experience is a special opportunity for you to receive an almost FREE workshop (I'll explain "almost" below), in exchange for helping me pilot SoulCollage(R) Experiences on AirBNB!

Let me explain....(and for more on what SoulCollage(R) is, head to the bottom of the page)...

Have you heard of AirBNB Experiences? It's a relatively new feature from AirBNB, wherein local practitioners and experts in all sorts of things provide specialized experiences marketed only to folks who are visiting the area through AirBNB. I've recently taken a class on how to provide an excellent AirBNB experience, and I'm ready to send in my proposal, BUT there's one final step I need first! And it's YOU!

On October 20th I'm offering this test-run of the experience for the purpose of getting awesome photos for the AirBNB profile, and to collect reviews to help boost the experience once it's live. You get a a lovely experience for (almost) free, and I get some love and support to make this venture a success! Here's how it will work:

  • Gather on Oct. 20 from 2-4:30 for an amazing dive into your intuition, imagination and images. Allow photos to be taken (and possibly take some yourself, let me know if you're willing to do this!)

  • I will then submit my application, and as soon as it's approved (fingers crossed!), I will create a dummy experience and invite you to register for it ASAP! (It's a "dummy experience" because you've already experienced the real thing. The point here is to get you into the AirBNB system so you can leave a review). I will be pricing this at just $1, which is the "almost" free part, or I'll list as FREE if that is an option in their system.

  • Reviews are the key to making or breaking an experience, as they run the algorithm. So, as soon as the dummy experience is "over", you'll head on over to the REVIEWS section and leave a review. I will humbly ask that you leave a 5-star review, as Air BNB views below 5 stars as not good, and it impacts how often they promote the experience.

All you need is to have or make an AirBNB account, an excitement for rad creative experiences, and a willingness to help!

So, are you in??? Register using the form below!!


SoulCollage® is an intuitive collage process for self-discovery and community, used to access inner wisdom about ourselves and the world through intuition, imagination and images. Participants are guided in creating cards representing aspects of their identity or experience, and use these images to explore beliefs, feelings and wisdom about their life. SoulCollage® reveals parts of ourselves that fuel and challenge us. Creating and working with these cards can build resilience, and show us parts of ourselves that need to be healed or released.

This class will engage the whole person, using techniques of meditation, reflective writing and peer discussion to create and explore our SoulCollage® cards. Each of these monthly gatherings will explore a new aspect of SoulCollage® cards, and we will devote some time to learning how to use them after they are created. Students are also invited to join us for a monthly card reading gatherings (on the second Monday of each month) to do much more deeply into the process of working with the cards.

This class is offered monthly, on the third Sunday of the month, during the Full Moon period, to draw on the creative, intuitive energies of the Full Moon.


For this special offer, your investment is JUST $1!! See above for details...

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