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What is Reiki?

Photo by Halley Miglietta


    How Can Reiki Serve Me?

    Reiki can be used simply as a form of relaxation, or we can focus on a specific physical or mental/emotional challenge you are having.  I offer customized Maternity Reiki sessions for families throughout pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery.  As an option, I love introducing creativity into my sessions to identify the source of  energy blocks, stress or pain.  This can look different ways, depending on the client's needs, such as using practices like drumming and other sounds, stones and objects from nature, and my and the client's imagination.  It is a process that can, if the client wishes, allow for collaboration.  

    Session Costs:

    1-Hour Session:  $65

    90-minute Session:  $85

    3-Session Package (pre-paid & used within 6 months):  $150

    Distance Session:  $55

    Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots in Japan.  It is a subtle and effective form of energy work that is incredibly sweet and gentle as it loosens and releases undesired energy, emotional blocks and pains trapped in the body.  Reiki sessions can be conducted in person at my studio, or remotely through *distance sessions. 

    Reiki is complimentary to other forms of medical or healing work, and can support physical, mental and spiritual health.  Reiki encourages a person's body and spirit to release anything that no longer serves, and that's ready to release.  Just as pouring cool water through a dusty pipe washes away loose dust and debris, Reiki washes through a person's system and loosens up pain, negative emotions and energy blocks, re-energizing the system. 

    The benefits of Reiki include:  

    • Reduction in stress and pain
    • Reduced reliance on pain medication
    • Greater clarity and calm
    • Deeper integration between mind, body and spirit
    • Particularly supportive during pregnancy, times of injury or illness, or times of transition.
      I came here feeling chaotic and stressed. And now I feel calm, clear and sooo relaxed.
      — Bill Habicht, Founder, Common Good Enterprises
      Photo by Halley Miglietta