Services for Organizations

Your group  will experience a meaningful engagement with your purpose and vision, and integration between organizational purpose and individual gifts, passions and experience.  I tailor each team experience to be a unique expression of the group's needs and goals, utilizing creative expression and self-reflective processes for deeper connection between team members,  and with their shared purpose.  This can be done through:

  • Staff retreats
  • Workshops
  • Employee wellness days
  • Professional development sessions
  • Strategic visioning
  • Guest speaking

Below you'll find descriptions of the main practices these offerings can be built around, along with an extensive tool kit of practices and activities developed over my twelve years of running leadership development programs and teacher training.


SoulCollage® is an intuitive, creative process used by groups to dive below the surface of our conscious thoughts and touch the deeper places where our beliefs about ourselves, our team/communities and the world lie.  Within organizations, SoulCollage®  is a versatile and flexible tool to support a variety of efforts such as:

  • Strategic planning/visioning
  • Team and community building
  • Addressing conflict or other challenging group dynamics
  • Navigating change
  • Creating a collective story to communicate the purpose and value of an organization's work to others

Immunity to Change™ Coaching

Immunity to Change™ coaching uncovers our sub-conscious barriers to making positive changes in our lives and organizations, and provides a framework for removing those barriers.  Engaging this process as a team opens pathways for:

  • Commitment to personal growth aligned with team goals
  • Deeper connection, understanding and solidarity among team members
  • Collectively addressing a shared goal through a structured, supported and creative process

Staff Wellness Days

Demonstrate your gratitude to your staff by gifting them a day of on-site Reiki sessions.  Reiki is a form of energy work that supports integration of body, mind and spirit.  Results include:

  • Reduced stress and pain
  • Increased immune response
  • Deep relaxation

I will come to your site and offer either up to six or twelve 20-minute sessions to staff during their work day.  I am trained to Master level in Usui and Karuna Reiki, and have extensive practice offering this form of wellness in a variety of settings.


Free Wellness Offerings 

The people and organizations that are on the front-lines of social justice, and whose work in the world is advocating, caring and fighting for others, often struggle to find time and resources to provide the necessary care for ourselves.  I therefore set aside one day per month to provide wellness offerings to the staff of non-profit, education and public sector organizations in the Sacramento area, free of charge.